Dear Doctor, I found a breast lump!

I looked down, that’s a bit strange I thought. I wonder why my nipple is doing that? It looked like it was pulling in slightly. It worried me, I’ve always been quite happy with my boobs. This didn’t look right… I wonder if there’s a lump? I had never really checked for breast lumps before, so quickly googled how to examine myself. 

At first I didn’t feel anything, then I pressed down a bit harder with my fingers. I was scared in case something was there. There it was, a pea sized, hard lump under my left nipple. I rolled it around with my fingers. It was definitely quite hard, it didn’t seem to move much but it wasn’t painful. I was still worried. 

S, my friend who is a doctor texted me at that moment, I told her I’ve got this lump in my breast. She told me not to worry but said she would try to come round and check it out. 

About a week passed by, I kept thinking about the lump, obviously cancer does cross your mind for a second or two but you tell yourself not to be silly. I remember in that week I was worried, I had a niggling bad feeling about it. I told a few other friends about it and they would say ohh it’s probably just a cyst or something. 

My older sisters came round one evening. I confided in them about the lump and my nipple changes. I let them feel it and they too said they could feel the lump but it’s probably nothing serious they quickly added. One of my sisters had had a lump that turned out to be nothing worrying. Then my oldest sister said something that stuck in my mind, don’t get scared she said but I’ve definitely read somewhere that if your nipple is pulling in it’s a sign of cancer. I was glad they gave me their honesty, I needed to get this checked out.

I went for my cupping appointment the next day, the lady seemed concerned about a lump on my back. Great, so now I had two lumps that I couldn’t explain. I told her to take a picture so I could send it to my doctor friends. 

Time to tell M I thought, I text her about the lump, she was asking about the back lump. I text her back saying forget about the lump on my back, it’s the one in my boob I’m more concerned about! She asked me a few more questions, I told her told her the answers and that S was coming round at some point to check it. M said, you need to get these lumps checked out by your own GP as soon as possible to get a referral. It’s  most likely nothing but it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

The next morning I got an emergency appointment with my GP. He asked me a lot of questions about my menstrual cycle, he thought the lump might be hormone related. I was afraid he wasn’t even going to check it. Finally he said pop on the bed I will examine you.  He checked both breasts and agreed there was definitely a lump in the left breast. Then he added, but you’re a young, fit and healthy woman it’s what we usually call a benign lump. I told him I was worried and I’d rather be sure of what it is. He looked at me for a moment… OK I’ll refer you he said, if only to give you peace of mind and not cause you any more anxiety, but it will be fine! I thanked him and left, I hope he’s right I thought.

Read about what to do if you find a breast lump, here.

Read about how to examine your own breasts, here.

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