Dear Doctor, The Breast Cancer Diary

I started this blog wanting to bring health problems to people on a personal level. The aim was to give advice to people who may not have a medical expert they can talk openly to. I could never have guessed that within a few months of starting, I would have something so personal to share with you all.

So what am I talking about? First of all, thankfully I am ok…. this story is about my best friend. She has given me permission to share her story as it unfolds. My friend is 29 years old, she has no medical history or family history of any health problems.

Six weeks ago she found a lump in her left breast, four weeks ago we found out that it was breast cancer and last week she started treatment.

My friend is the prime example of how this can happen to absolutely anyone. I’m a fully qualified doctor and my friend is not in the medical field at all, although she has been my practise patient for exam revision for the last ten years, so she does know a thing or two.

We want to share this story to open up the doors to talking about breast cancer. We want to help anyone with breast cancer or any type of cancer, anyone who may know someone with cancer and most importantly anyone who doesn’t know much about breast cancer at all. We also want to share our different cultural experiences and try to make breast cancer something that we can all understand and discuss openly.

Believe me when I say it has not been an easy time recently. It has been a shock that has taken some time for us all to get our heads around! My friend is handling it amazingly so far but there have been lots of ups and downs already. Luckily we have caught it early and are very hopeful it has not spread, although we are waiting for her biopsy results as I type.

We both hope the experience from her side of not knowing anything about cancer and going from a young, fit and healthy woman to suddenly being a ‘cancer patient’, along with my experience as a doctor sitting on the patient side of things, will come together to benefit you all too.

Please follow us on this journey and learn from our experience.


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