Dear Doctor, Is BB cream better than foundation?

Do we really need to be using full coverage foundations that don’t have any extra benefits of SPF or moisturiser for everyday use?

Also, what is the worst thing about being on holiday? For me it’s sunscreen on my face. Ok maybe a bit dramatic, but it’s sticky, oily and gives me spots!

We all know we should protect our skin from harmful UV rays, but we also want to look good on our snapchat stories and in photos.

I know there are some good facial sunscreens out there but a lot come with decent price tags too!

I came across the Garnier BB creams before a holiday last year. I have had a lot of compliments on my skin since, so I thought I would share my secret.

What are BB creams? 

Beauty balm or blemish balm is a product that combines as a moisturiser, SPF and foundation. It’s great if you want an easy to apply product for every day wear.

Garnier BB cream and Blur review 

As you may have guessed I am a fan. I started wearing it last year during a trip to America. I wanted something that combined foundation and SPF. I have been wearing it ever since and people have commented that my skin is looking brighter and fresher.

The product itself smells nice, a little bit fruity but not overpowering. The formula is quite runny but not as runny as the Garnier BB cream for oily skin, so there aren’t really any spills.

As a foundation the coverage is quite good. It is a light coverage but it looks good in photos. The blur effect of the added primer does seem to work. It says you can apply with fingers, I use the real techniques buffing brush and get a really nice finish.

As a moisturiser I would say it works ok. My skin has felt better than it does when I consistently wear a normal foundation. It certainly hasn’t been any drier.

As a sunscreen, which is the main reason I got this product, I feel it works really well. I was in 35+ degrees heat and my face didn’t burn. My parting on my scalp did but that’s a topic for another day. It is advertised as SPF 30, it didn’t make me breakout like other sunscreens have, it lasted all day and it didn’t look greasy.

Garnier BB cream for oily and combination skin review

The smell for this cream is not as nice as the blur cream but still pleasant enough. The consistency is a bit thinner so you have to be careful with the lid as it can run.

As a foundation the coverage again is light. It blends well with a brush or fingers. It drys better than other formulas which is good for oily skin.
As a moisturiser I think it is ok but I didn’t notice a big change other than fewer breakouts.

As a sunscreen it is advertised as SPF 20 and it does the job, although I haven’t tested in in above 30C temperatures.

Overall impression

Switching to a BB cream for everyday and holiday use has been great for me. It means less products to carry with you and less steps in an already rushed morning routine.

It has made my skin smoother and I have had less breakouts than when I was using foundations daily. It looks light enough for everyday use but the coverage is still good. I still revert back to a foundation for events or occasions.

If I were to choose between the two… I would say the BB cream with blur is better in higher temperatures and gives a nicer finish if you are going to be taking photos. The BB cream for oily/combination skin is better if you want a more matte appearance and want to reduce the likelihood of breakouts.

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