Dear Doctor, Can plants help me sleep? 

Recently I saw a post online about plants that can help you sleep. Sleep has always been a problem for me so it got my attention straight away. But can putting certain plants in your bedroom actually improve your sleep?

Apparently, plants can help with sleep in two ways. Either by releasing scents that can make you feel calmer and more relaxed therefore helping you sleep more peacefully. Or, by improving the air quality and oxygen levels in your room which in turn can improve sleep.

I’ll be honest I was dubious about all this but on my way around Ikea, there they were, two from the list Lavender and Jasmine. I mean they were on the shelf, it was a sign I had to try them, right?

So, let’s talk about the perfume plants shall we. I have had the plants for a month now and so I think I’ve given it long enough to come to a fair conclusion.

Jasmine – can it really help you sleep?

Starting with Jasmine. When I bought this plant, I wasn’t too impressed the flowers hadn’t bloomed and there was no scent at all. One week later though and the scent was beginning to surface. It’s quite a sweet smell and extremely strong. One month in most of the flowers have bloomed and the fragrance hits you as soon as you open the door!

But did it work? Well the positives are that my room smells girly and flowery fresh, my hay fever hasn’t kicked off and yes the smell actually does make me feel more relaxed. Negatives? Only one… sadly it didn’t improve my sleep.

Jasmine flowers

I kind of have mixed feelings about Jasmine. I do enjoy having the scent in my room, it feels more organic and environmentally friendly than a plug-in air freshener. But I still can’t claim to have noticed any changes to my sleep.

Now for Lavender, I’ve never really been a fan of the smell of Lavender but it’s well known for being the scent of relaxation and sleep remedies so I had some hope for it.

Lavender plant looking fresh on my dresser…

I got two pots of the Lavender and honestly the smell wasn’t that strong! I was quite surprised, maybe I didn’t buy a very fragrant species. Genuinely I feel like there is more Lavender in my shower gel than these two pots.

Positives are that it looks good on my dresser and it’s a pretty plant. Negatives… no scent and definitely no changes to my sleep.

Lavender close up

I’ve decided I’ll keep them for now and update you if I notice any changes.

So, the final verdict on whether plants can help you sleep? Nope, not the ones I have tried I’m afraid. The search for the best sleep remedies continues…


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